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News and Latest Repairs


Worried About Costly Repairs for Your Smashed iPhone?

Posted by iPhone, 21st Jan 2014

If you type ‘smashed iPhone’ into Google you’ll be delivered a wealth of articles (and us!) that endlessly debate the value of carrying out an iPhone repair yourself. Indeed, there are plenty of people out there that are perfectly comfortable and capable of...

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How Can You Tell if an iPhone Has Water Damage?

Posted by iPhone, 19th Dec 2013

Water damage is an incredibly common problem for smartphone owners – but if you’re unsure whether your phone is damaged from exposure to liquid, there’s an easy way to find out. The iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S have indicators in the headphone jack and in the b...

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No Matter How You Break Your iPhone, Great Value iPhone Repair is Here

Posted by iPhone, 6th Dec 2013

If there’s anything we’ve learned about iPhones – and smartphones in general – in the past few years, it’s that they’re easy to break. While there are plenty of us that have broken an iPhone screen simply by dropping it on the floor, there are plenty of peo...

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Smashed Screens Repaired with Ease!

Posted by iPhone, 17th Sep 2013

There are few things more horrifying (in the first world that is!) than discovering the screen on your favourite device has been shattered to pieces. Gadgets nowadays, and Apple’s in particular, all feature beautiful, wide screens which are perfect for brow...

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A Common Fault: iPhone 5 Earpiece Repair

Posted by iPhone, 14th Sep 2013

It seems to be a relatively common complaint of the iPhone 5: a faulty earpiece. The general issue seems to be that the earpiece cuts out in the middle of a call or doesn’t work altogether – though some people have found that using the speaker phone does wo...

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New iPhone Surgery Office Now Open in London!

Posted by , 2nd Jul 2013

iPhone Surgery London is now open and ready for business!Located at 33 Throgmorton Street in the City of London, iPhone Surgery Londonoffers a walk in repair service for your iPhone, iPad or iPod – we will repairit while you wait!Whether you need a screen r...

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Introducing Queue Jump!

Posted by Chris, 24th Sep 2012

At the iPhone Surgery we pride ourselves on our swift repairs. We aim to repair as many iPhones, iPads and iPods as we can on the day we receive the device. We currently repair approximately 80% of devices on the same day and they are back in the post and w...

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