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News and Latest Repairs

New iPad repairs

Posted by Chris, 24th Oct 2012

We are rapidly expanding our iPad repairs. We can complete virtually any iPad repair so if you don't see what you require please get in touch. However for the moment we have a couple of new ones to tell you about.

  • iPad 2/3 back casing repair – this will replace your entire back case if yours is scratched or dented. This is sometimes necessary when the iPad is dropped and the corners are severely dented.
  • iPad 2/3 back casing repair + screen repair – we have combined the above with the standard iPad screen repair so if both parts are damaged they can both be repaired at a discounted rate.


Hi HowardIt’s £129.99 to have your back casing renewed.Kind regardsiPhone Surgery

iPhone Surgery | 16th Dec 2013

I have dropped my iPad 3 whilst in a backpack. Small dent on lower right corner. No damage to glass. My OCD is likely to cause me to go nuts. What sort of cost are we talking for a replacement back shell? I could put my snap on case back on – why was it off at the time! However I would like to have an idea about replacement . Thanks.

Howard Lowe | 16th Dec 2013