News and Latest Repairs

News and Latest Repairs

Introducing Queue Jump!

Posted by Chris, 24th Sep 2012

At the iPhone Surgery we pride ourselves on our swift repairs. We aim to repair as many iPhones, iPads and iPods as we can on the day we receive the device. We currently repair approximately 80% of devices on the same day and they are back in the post and with the customer the day after.

However, we know how important your iPhone, iPad or iPod is to you so we are pleased to announce Queue Jump. This option gives you the flexibility to push your repair to the front of the queue and guarantee that your iDevice is repaired the day we receive it. All you need to do to activate Queue Jump is select the option from the drop down menu when you book your repair.

If you choose not to queue jump, don't worry, your repair will still be dealt with in our normal fast repair time!

We are rolling this out across our repairs in the next few days so if you do not see it on the repair you require please call us and we can arrange for it to be added.