iPad repairs

iPad repairs

iPad Repairs - iPhone Surgery

The revolutionary iPad changed technology forever and introduced the world to the tablet. As useful and convenient as these devices are, their portable nature means they’re more likely to get damaged. The wide screen on an iPad may look beautiful but it only takes one drop or bang to become cracked or completely smashed – and the price of repair can be costly!

That is, if you don’t come to the iPhone Surgery. We offer all the iPad repairs you can think of at great prices, so there’s no need to fork out a fortune to get your favourite device repaired and back to new! With a 100 day guarantee on every iPad repair that we provide you can be assured that you’re investing in the best service for your tablet; our fully trained technicians are experienced in all iPad repairs. To see our full range of iPad repairs, select your model of iPad above or keep reading for more information.

iPad 1 Repairs

Here at the iPhone Surgery we offer a selection of iPad 1 repairs including LCD repair and iPad screen replacement and repair. If you’re not sure what is wrong with your device, we provide a diagnosis service too.

iPad 2 Repairs

The iPad can encounter a range of problems because they’re so delicate, but luckily the iPhone Surgery can repair them all. From iPad 2 screen replacement to button and speaker repair, we can perform any iPad repair or diagnose the issue of you’re unsure what is wrong.

iPad 3 Repairs

If your iPad 3 is damaged there’s no need to worry; from replacement of the Retina display to repairing the buttons and fixing the antenna – there’s nothing our technicians can’t do! Treated in an anti static environment, most of our iPad repairs are carried out the same day we receive them.

iPad 4 Repairs

The 4th generation iPad replaces the iPad 3 with Retina display, though one of the only differences is the new lightning charging port. Whether you need an iPad 4 screen repair or need the home button fixing, the iPhone Surgery offers a fast, great value service.

iPad Mini Repairs

If you need your iPad Mini repairing, we’re the top choice! We offer iPad Mini screen repair – including the LCD – and can fix the back casing. You can also ‘Pimp My i’ with us and customise your iPad to suit you, with a range of colours to choose from.