News and Latest Repairs

News and Latest Repairs


Value for Money iPhone 4 Screen Repairs and Placements

Posted by iPhone, 19th Mar 2014

We all know how fragile iPhones are. So it makes sense to keep them protected, to save it from any damages and the expensive repairs in the aftermath. Depending on where you go for screen replacements or any sort of repairs for your iPhone, the costs will v...

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How Do You Choose Where to Go for iPad Screen Repair?

Posted by iPhone, 5th Feb 2014

If the screen of your iPad is cracked, smashed, unresponsive or erratic, it’s pretty clear that you need an iPad screen repair or replacement. Did you know that physical damage to your iPad isn’t covered by Apple Care and you could be charged well in excess...

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Get a Great Value iPad 2 Glass Replacement

Posted by iPhone, 25th Nov 2013

Even though Apple are manufacturing iPads like they’re going out of fashion (and the sales figures prove they aren’t!) there are still plenty of us with iPad 2s that are still great to use. If you do own an iPad 2 the chances are you’ve had it for a year or...

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Need an iPad 2 Replacement Screen?

Posted by iPhone, 17th Jul 2013

By their very nature, iPads are fragile. Whichever model you own be it a 1, 2 or Mini, the large screen and portability combined together are just asking for damage, from unsightly scratches to smashed screens from dropping the device.Great Value iPad 2 Scr...

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Thinking of Doing an iPad 2 Glass Replacement Yourself?

Posted by iPhone, 16th Jul 2013

The iPad 2 is many things: easy to use, beautiful and highly capable of pretty much anything! One thing it isn’t though, is easy to repair yourself – especially if you’re in need of glass replacement! With Apple charging between $199 and $419 (£131 - £276) ...

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Get a New Screen for iPad 2

Posted by iPhone, 15th Jul 2013

The iPad 2 may not feature a Retina display but the screen still provides stunning, crisp images. Many people say that the iPad is like an extension of yourself, with an intuitive user interface and the capacity to do just about anything. However, unlike hu...

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Great Value iPad 2 Screen Repair

Posted by iPhone, 10th Jul 2013

If you’re looking to replace your iPad 2 screen, check out our great offer! We’ve knocked 25% off our iPad 2 screen repair so you can get a brand new screen for just £75! If that’s not enough, each iPad screen repair we carry out com...

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