News and Latest Repairs

News and Latest Repairs


Rapid and Reliable iPad and iPhone Screen Repair

Posted by iPhone, 19th Feb 2014

If the screen on your iPhone is cracked, frozen or broken you’ll want to get it fixed as quickly as possible. As you’d expect there are tons of iPhone repair companies online, so how do you narrow the choice down to find the right company that will fix your...

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Worried About Costly Repairs for Your Smashed iPhone?

Posted by iPhone, 21st Jan 2014

If you type ‘smashed iPhone’ into Google you’ll be delivered a wealth of articles (and us!) that endlessly debate the value of carrying out an iPhone repair yourself. Indeed, there are plenty of people out there that are perfectly comfortable and capable of...

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Get Your iPhone Screen Repaired for Christmas!

Posted by iPhone, 30th Nov 2013

Christmas is the time for gifts, but why should they always have to be for everyone else? If you’ve got an iPhone that’s in need of repair, why not treat yourself this festive season to great value iPhone screen repair which means you’ll be able to make the...

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Don’t Despair Over the Cost of iPhone 4 Screen Repair

Posted by iPhone, 17th Oct 2013

If you’re one of the many, many people that have broken an iPhone screen in their time, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the feeling of despair that accompanies it. Still, not to can easily buy a replacement screen online and fix it yourself, ri...

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Smashed Screens Repaired with Ease!

Posted by iPhone, 17th Sep 2013

There are few things more horrifying (in the first world that is!) than discovering the screen on your favourite device has been shattered to pieces. Gadgets nowadays, and Apple’s in particular, all feature beautiful, wide screens which are perfect for brow...

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Price reduction for iPhone 4S screen repair

Posted by Chris, 14th Jun 2012

Due to the age of the iPhone 4S we are pleased to announce we can now reduce the price of this screen repair to £59.If you have been unfortunate enough to smash your iPhone 4S it's now cheaper than ever to get it repaired.  

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iPhone 4 "Dark" refurbishment

Posted by Chris, 22nd May 2012

We're excited to announce the launch of the iPhone 4 "Dark" refurbishment.If you're iPhone 4 has a cracked screen, scratched mid frame, or is just generally looking a bit tatty why not get it refurbished and upgraded to our "Dark" model. This iPhone 4 has b...

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iPhone 4S Screen Repair

Posted by , 17th Nov 2011

After the much anticipated launch of the the iPhone 5, which was actually named the iPhone 4S it became apparent that even though the iPhone looks identical to the previous model the screens are slightly different.Here at the iPhone Surgery, we have now rec...

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