News and Latest Repairs

News and Latest Repairs


Value for Money iPhone 4 Screen Repairs and Placements

Posted by iPhone, 19th Mar 2014

We all know how fragile iPhones are. So it makes sense to keep them protected, to save it from any damages and the expensive repairs in the aftermath. Depending on where you go for screen replacements or any sort of repairs for your iPhone, the costs will v...

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No Matter How You Break Your iPhone, Great Value iPhone Repair is Here

Posted by iPhone, 6th Dec 2013

If there’s anything we’ve learned about iPhones – and smartphones in general – in the past few years, it’s that they’re easy to break. While there are plenty of us that have broken an iPhone screen simply by dropping it on the floor, there are plenty of peo...

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Get Your Cracked iPhone 3GS Screen Fixed

Posted by iPhone, 19th Nov 2013

The iPhone 3GS is still a reliable piece of kit, so if it gets damaged there’s no need to think about replacing your trusty phone – just get it fixed! One of the most common repairs we see here at the iPhone Surgery is repairing the screen. In fact, it’s pr...

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Don’t Despair Over the Cost of iPhone 4 Screen Repair

Posted by iPhone, 17th Oct 2013

If you’re one of the many, many people that have broken an iPhone screen in their time, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the feeling of despair that accompanies it. Still, not to can easily buy a replacement screen online and fix it yourself, ri...

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iPhone 4 Full Refurbishment

Posted by Chris, 18th Jun 2012

We are now offering an iPhone 4 full refurbishment service. This service will replace front screen, back case and the aluminium mid frame.As well as a cosmetic refurbishment, this will also replace the bottom charging port, microphone, home button, power bu...

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iPhone 4 "Dark" refurbishment

Posted by Chris, 22nd May 2012

We're excited to announce the launch of the iPhone 4 "Dark" refurbishment.If you're iPhone 4 has a cracked screen, scratched mid frame, or is just generally looking a bit tatty why not get it refurbished and upgraded to our "Dark" model. This iPhone 4 has b...

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iPhone 4 Luminescent Modification

Posted by Chris, 29th Feb 2012

We're excited to announce that we will soon be supplying an iPhone 4 luminescent modification.This will turn the logo on the rear of your iPhone 4 into a glowing apple logo when the iPhone is in use. We will be able to carry out this modification to bl...

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iPhone Water Damage

Posted by Chris, 21st Jan 2012

The iPhone Surgery is pleased to announce that we have invested in the necessary ultrasonic cleaning equipment to carry out iPhone water damage repairs. If you have been unfortunate enough to get your iPhone wet we can now offer a service that has a 80-90% ...

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