News and Latest Repairs

News and Latest Repairs


Value for Money iPhone 4 Screen Repairs and Placements

Posted by iPhone, 19th Mar 2014

We all know how fragile iPhones are. So it makes sense to keep them protected, to save it from any damages and the expensive repairs in the aftermath. Depending on where you go for screen replacements or any sort of repairs for your iPhone, the costs will v...

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Rapid and Reliable iPad and iPhone Screen Repair

Posted by iPhone, 19th Feb 2014

If the screen on your iPhone is cracked, frozen or broken you’ll want to get it fixed as quickly as possible. As you’d expect there are tons of iPhone repair companies online, so how do you narrow the choice down to find the right company that will fix your...

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How Do You Choose Where to Go for iPad Screen Repair?

Posted by iPhone, 5th Feb 2014

If the screen of your iPad is cracked, smashed, unresponsive or erratic, it’s pretty clear that you need an iPad screen repair or replacement. Did you know that physical damage to your iPad isn’t covered by Apple Care and you could be charged well in excess...

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Worried About Costly Repairs for Your Smashed iPhone?

Posted by iPhone, 21st Jan 2014

If you type ‘smashed iPhone’ into Google you’ll be delivered a wealth of articles (and us!) that endlessly debate the value of carrying out an iPhone repair yourself. Indeed, there are plenty of people out there that are perfectly comfortable and capable of...

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No Matter How You Break Your iPhone, Great Value iPhone Repair is Here

Posted by iPhone, 6th Dec 2013

If there’s anything we’ve learned about iPhones – and smartphones in general – in the past few years, it’s that they’re easy to break. While there are plenty of us that have broken an iPhone screen simply by dropping it on the floor, there are plenty of peo...

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Get Your iPhone Screen Repaired for Christmas!

Posted by iPhone, 30th Nov 2013

Christmas is the time for gifts, but why should they always have to be for everyone else? If you’ve got an iPhone that’s in need of repair, why not treat yourself this festive season to great value iPhone screen repair which means you’ll be able to make the...

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Get Your Cracked iPhone 3GS Screen Fixed

Posted by iPhone, 19th Nov 2013

The iPhone 3GS is still a reliable piece of kit, so if it gets damaged there’s no need to think about replacing your trusty phone – just get it fixed! One of the most common repairs we see here at the iPhone Surgery is repairing the screen. In fact, it’s pr...

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Need Your iPhone 4s Repairing?

Posted by iPhone, 7th Nov 2013

If you’ve found this page there’s no doubt you’ve found it because you’re in need of iPhone 4s repair. First of all, well done for keeping your iPhone 4s in good shape all this time – before this damage occurred that is!  Get Your Broken iPhone Screen Fixed...

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Get Your iPad 2 Screen Repaired Quickly

Posted by iPhone, 30th Oct 2013

If you damage the screen on your iPad 2 there’s no doubt that you want it fixing as soon as possible! With the iPhone Surgery getting your broken iPad screen repaired couldn’t be easier; all you need to do is select the appropriate repair from our categorie...

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Hassle Free iPad Mini Screen Replacement

Posted by iPhone, 20th Oct 2013

The iPad Mini is the perfect portable device. Small and light enough to carry around in your bag, you can take it pretty much anywhere and have a digital world at your fingertips. Sadly it is this portable nature that is often the downfall of the iPad; many...

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